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History Polaroid Camera

history polaroid camera

    polaroid camera
  • The instant camera is a type of camera that generates a developed film image. The best known use self-developing film and were formerly made by Polaroid Corporation.

  • a camera that develops and produces a positive print within seconds

  • The study of past events, particularly in human affairs

  • a record or narrative description of past events; "a history of France"; "he gave an inaccurate account of the plot to kill the president"; "the story of exposure to lead"

  • the discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings; "he teaches Medieval history"; "history takes the long view"

  • The past considered as a whole

  • the aggregate of past events; "a critical time in the school's history"

  • The whole series of past events connected with someone or something

history polaroid camera - Polaroid (MA)

Polaroid (MA) (Images of America)

Polaroid   (MA)   (Images  of  America)

Edwin Land and Polaroid, the company he created in the 1930s, have spawned many bold scientific innovations over the years. Most of them led quickly to unique commercial products. Best known for revolutionary instant photography systems, Land and Polaroid also achieved miracles in light-polarizing technology that is embedded in many of today's consumer products. During World War II, Polaroid manufactured and created a large array of products for the U.S. military; later, Land's top-secret cold war initiatives led to crucial intelligence breakthroughs. Polaroid features images of signature innovations, scientists, and photographers who pioneered the use of Polaroid film.

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05/52 - A simpler time..

05/52 - A simpler time..

Camera: Polaroid expired Camera 340
Film: Polaroid Type 100 Blue Film Silk, ISO 80, blue & white tone film expired 2009..

I have been in training for the past week and I was driving by this abandoned gas station every day I just had to take a Picture on it before I stopped going that way. I thought it was cool how the pump is knocked over and the price on the sign.. I don't think its been around this price since the 80s... And looking at the pumps that would make since.

Polaroid 1000 Camera, 1977

Polaroid 1000 Camera, 1977

This model is the same of the OneStep, just renamed for the international market. An American design by the Polaroid Corp. produced in Brazil in injected ABS plastic. Like many 1970s designs, this camera still clings to the "form follows function" doctrine and was it not for the color "ornaments", it could be easily mistaken for an inner part of a bigger machine, like a xerox copier. No metaphors allowed here!
It measures about 14 x 10,5 x 9 cm.

history polaroid camera

history polaroid camera

Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids

An elegiac collection of sixty Polaroid photographs by the late Soviet film director Andrei Tarkovsky.

"Tarkovsky often reflected on the way that time flies and wanted to stop it, even with these quick Polaroid shots. The melancholy of seeing things for the last time is the highly mysterious and poetic essence that these images leave with us. It is as though Andrei wanted to transmit his own enjoyment quickly to others. And they feel like a fond farewell."—Tonino Guerra, from the Introduction

This beautifully produced book comprises sixty Polaroid photographs of Andrei Tarkovsky's friends and family, taken between 1979 and 1984 in his native Russia and in Italy, where he spent time in political exile.The size of the Polaroids is exactly as presented in the book, including the frame. The book may therefore be viewed as a facsimile edition. 60 color illustrations.

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